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Shenzhen Prada Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional research office lighting product solutions provider, not only devoted to the study of the reasonable application of light sources in the office, but also use the "core" to provide professional products. “Professional + Health + Concentration” is a business philosophy that Shenzhen Prada Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. has always upholds. Shenzhen Prada Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. will pass on the concept of “holistic solution for office lighting health design”, which will fully enhance the quality of the office work of customers and pass through the high Quality products, quality service, create your comfortable office environment.

Selected Osram 2835 lamp beads, each product we use "core" manufacturing



Healthy office, green office, but also you an oxygen bar world

We have been working hard for the ecological development of the office environment

A person spends one third of his life in an office environment. A healthy environment and eye protection are your needs. To provide customers with healthy, personalized, customized office lighting environment is Shenzhen Prada Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. operating creed, in product selection, lighting design, technical advice, installation and maintenance, product service, etc., customers can enjoy professional services 

Invites dealers

First, investment policy

1. The company provides complete office lighting products to meet customers' office decoration needs. The

2, brand agents do not need to pay the initial fee, can enjoy free use of fashion brands. The

3, free to bear some of the outdoor advertising costs. The

4, provide a certain number of product leaflets free of charge. The

5, provide free technical training. The

6, to provide the most favorable product distribution prices to dealers. The

7. Freely provide information on construction projects and construction projects of the whole country to dealers for negotiations and orders. The company sent someone to assist dealers in following up on the project, negotiating and receiving orders. The

8. The company assists the distributors in project bids and provides full technical services for the products. The

9. Provide dealers with relevant qualification certificates required for the project. The

10. The first sample fee is charged at the dealer's price.

11. Completion of the sales tasks stipulated by the company returns profit at the end of the year. The

12. The company launches several new products each year to enhance its market competitiveness. 

Second, the dealer must have the following conditions: The main cooperation methods of the project dealers are: There is a certain place for display of products, to facilitate the designer, Party A see the physical use. 

1. We agree with the company's corporate culture and business philosophy. We are willing to cooperate long-term and sincerely. We are not unilaterally pursuing immediate interests. We are optimistic about the development prospects of office lighting products and are willing to develop together with the company. 

2. All types of documents required for normal business operations, including business licenses, tax registration certificates, and legal person qualifications. 

3, have a certain degree of financial strength, have a good business reputation. 

4. Familiar with the channels of operating engineering projects, have certain marketing capabilities.

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